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STUDIO 10 CD  – Interview
Texas Music magazine – Fall 2013 – “Mortality Plays”

Recorded at the Red Shack Studio in Houston, STUDIO 10 brings to light 9 new songs penned by Eric Taylor and a cover of Tim Grimm’s “Cover These Bones.” 

Songs: Eric Taylor’s compassionate storytelling and song theater at their finest, painting an always colorful cast of characters making it through this world. Some songs are tributes to friends who have passed – “Bill” (Bill Morrissey), “Francestown” (reminiscent of Dave van Ronk), “String Of Pearls.” Some songs from a woman’s perspective – “Molly’s Painted Pony,” “Adios.” Two songs – “Tully’s Titles” and “Tully” – to be featured in an upcoming documentary film about Jim Tully. And “Reno” and “Dark Corner Ice Water” – songs that showcase the intricate narrative quality and unique theater aspect of Eric Taylor’s writing that sets him apart. He is like no other.

Musicians: Eric Taylor (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass), David Webb (keyboards), James Gilmer (percussion), Rock Romano (supporting vocals, electric bass), Susan Lindfors Taylor (supporting vocals)

Produced by Eric Taylor and Susan Lindfors Taylor

Arranged by Eric Taylor

Engineered by Rock Romano

Recent Articles / Quotes From The Road

“In a world choking on five ‘n dime stores, Eric savors the alleys with stories and songs of the rats and queens he knows like the back of his hand. Eric’s on tour – go see him.” – Malcolm Holcombe

“[Eric Taylor] is one of the finest songwriters of our time whose songs will be remembered into the next century. His songs are examples of the pure live-giving and healing energy music can bring. They are timeless. Eric Taylor is a treasure of song and story with a twist of Texas.” – No Depression

“The show was really good last night  – Eric is a real treasure! So great to have him back.” – Erika, Bluebird Cafe (March 1, 2017)

The Songs

  1. 1.  Molly’s Painted Pony

  2. 2.   Reno

  3. 3.   Bill

  4. 4.   Cover These Bones    (Tim Grimm)

  5. 5.   Dark Corner Ice Water

  6. 6.   Francestown

  7. 7.   Adios

  8. 8.   Tully’s Titles

  9. 9.   Tully

  10. 10.  String Of Pearls

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Contact:    Susan Lindfors Taylor

“My new album, Depot Light: Songs of Eric Taylor. Best thing I'll ever do, most likely. I'm amazed by these songs, and at the guitar work and musical vision of my friend, Thomm Jutz. “ – Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper’s Depot Light: Songs of Eric Taylor

Reviews of Depot LightDepot_Light.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0

Eric Taylor Invited to Drents Museum to Honor Harry “Cuby” Muskee

Eric invited as featured guest for the Grand Blues Opening for the

Window of my Eyes Exhibition honoring Harry “Cuby” Muskee

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Saturday, January 16, 2016 – Drents Museum – Assen, The Netherlands

Eric Taylor nominated for an Emmy Award!

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced Eric Taylor has been nominated for an Emmy for Music Composition for songs written for the Storyworks.TV documentary Road Kid to Writer: The Tracks of Jim Tully

Eric Taylor: An Unsung Hero of Americana Music

by Terry Roland – published December 1, 2016


Saturday, March 10th – Norton Buffalo Hall – Paradise, CA

Sunday, March 11th – Wagman House Concerts – Davis, CA

Sunday, March 18th – Frog Pond Sunday Social – Silverhill, AL

More shows TBA . . . More concert details, click here


What People Are Saying

Tim Grimm

The recording is a gem. It’s a dig deep, multi-listening experience. Most touching right now are the tributes -- to Bill and String of Pearls.... Love it! Spent a little time with a friend / host from central Ohio--who talked about the Tully connection from’s an itty bitty world...anyway - this CD is why I play music. It’s a gift to us all.

Many thanks.

William Michael Smith

You gotta love this Eric Taylor guy. Houston proud. New album is a throat slitter. Five stars.

Cliff Eberhardt

Eric, James played me the song you wrote about Bill tonight. I was very moved. You nailed it in so many ways. Thank you brother, thank you.

Roger Feldhans

Yesterday I received my copy of Eric Taylor's new cd "Studio 10". It is truly an honor to have my photography used on this project. The music is simply amazing to say the least. I would want to own this cd even if my artwork were not used on it. Eric also used my photography for his touring poster and he and Susan Lindfors Taylor were kind enough to send me the first one...autographed of course! He is scheduled to appear at Byron's later this spring...I can't wait! If Eric Taylor is playing anywhere near you...go see him! If you get a chance to pick up a copy of "Studio 10" it! much love...peace

Peter Cooper, The Tennessean

It’s all I can listen to. Fantastic.

David Webb

I received my copy of Studio 10 today. Thank you for your trust in letting me be a part of a truly wonderful piece of work. I love everything about it and seeing a photo of one of my charts in the CD book brought a chuckle. Hope you are pleased with the project. Love and thanks to you and your wonderful lady for all your kindnesses.

Jim Barham, film maker

Just listened to the new record for the first time. Bravo, Maestro! Great stuff on everybody’s part. Made my evening .... I needed to go somewhere else tonight and did.

James Gilmer

I received the cd today. It's great. Thanks for letting me be a part of the recording.

Jon Green

Got the record in the mail today, on my first listen now. The sound is fantastic, and I think the arrangement is great. Sounds like another masterpiece, congratulations! I like the packaging too, and especially the profile shot of Eric inside the front cover.

Ramcey Rodriguez

Susan... the CD arrived, and it's simply wonderful. Thank you. Of course, I'm biased since I love every album that Eric has ever done. The tribute song to Bill is simply stunning. The songwriting throughout is stellar. I've come to expect it from Eric, but he seems to be able to take it to the next level with each new album. And I love his cover of Tim Grimm's jewel, Cover These Bones. Eric makes it his own. The production throughout is tasty as well. There's a whole bunch of us that get excited many months ahead of time when we know that Eric is coming to play for us in Nashville. And we're excited now. Eric's new album shows us, yet again, why he's always been one of the best in the biz.

Rik James, Bozeman Folklore Society

I am in the early morning here in Bozeman. I am in listening session # 2 on Studio 10. This is wonderful!  I can’t hardly say all I would like. Having Eric do some of this material live in Bozeman last year, to now hear this recording puts him and these songs into some very welcome ears. The audio quality is superb! The arrangements all feel just right for each and every piece.I love to take long walks with headphones on, when I can be somewhere where a car won’t run me over. And Eric’s music and lyrics, and the characters who come alive, it all makes me to not want the walk to end. Maybe around the loop one more time. And then catch my breath on the trail. Maybe hope to get lost until the battery is played out.

Russell Laird

The master crafts another massive marker on a well-defined trail of musically literary masterpieces ... well done, Eric, well done indeed.

Noah, in Michigan

Studio 10 ..... another great and accomplished album. The songs, the playing, the production ..... good work all the way around. I have a feeling Bill is going to be one of those songs that go straight through my heart and out of the cracks each time I listen to it, such a great song and tribute to the late and great Bill Morrissey. Having songs / music like this along for the ride while trying to navigate through this place makes the traveling a lot easier .... thank you.

Mary, in Arizona

Amazing storytelling and the music and vocals are so moving.... ET’s music is wonderfully mood-altering. Definitely not background kind of music, like taking a little trip. Are you sure this stuff is legal? Fantastic work.

Louis, in California

Received Studio Ten this morning... sitting in my listening room this afternoon with eyes closed...marveling in Eric’s aural poetics and his conjured visual alchemy...the “master” has once again spun gold. Thank you Eric...

Jim Canales, WWSP

I received your disc and had it in my car on a very rainy and foggy evening last nite driving back from another town – and it kept turning corners and giving me something new at every turn.  What a excellent disc, so thank you for sending it my way!

David Webb - The Rock Room, June 28, 2013

I may have played my best show ever last night. The experience of being in the here and now onstage with Eric Taylor for two long sets was nothing short of astonishing. It is a gift for an artist to be able to summon listeners and supporting musicians into one's world and keep them in rapt attention and completely in the moment. Presence is a beautiful thing- thanks Eric...

Patrick Hurley

I love the new CD.

The stark imagery in the songs is something nobody does better than Eric.

Eric is the master of anticipation. With opening lines like, "stolen kisses, somebody's gotta pay"; "been driftin' all his life, feeds all his kids from Reno now" you really want to hear more and find out what's going on! The story of Jim Tully (1886-1947), the writer and boxer, told over two songs is a masterpiece. The first song, "Tully's Titles", lists titles of his various books and the second, "Tully", succinctly tells the story of his life - born to Irish immigrants, he became one of the first Hollywood reporters and later wrote books about his life on the road and the American underclass. All told, a brilliant album.

Keith, in Nebraska

I received "Studio 10" yesterday.  My two favorite things are a good bottle of Bourbon and a new Eric Taylor Record, they go so well together!    It is very good!

Lisa, in Iowa

I've been listening to Eric Taylor’s new CD, Studio 10, during my morning commute to work.  Suddenly, the world outside my car windows turns into a surreal movie set and I am lost in a richly visual world that draws me in as I drive through stories Eric sings with his mesmerizing voice. Beautiful guitar work coupled with David Webb’s piano playing provide the perfect soundtrack for tales of murder, small town life, broken relationships and broken people, and memories of dear old friends who have passed on.

The song that stands out for me is “Adios.”  Eric’s clean-as-a-bone fingerpicking riffs accented with a steady, alternating bass introduce a story about moving on.  You can feel the driving force of the guitar – the determination of the character to leave and go somewhere new.  The piano is a slow cascade of notes that give the feel of freedom – to be going wherever one pleases.  “World full of wild horses out there…..”,  “I love how that blue highway sings when I’m leaving you.”  Eric Taylor is a man of powerful words.  He can write, man, he sure can.

Jackie, in Idaho

The beauty of your music is that I believe every word you say whether or not it's true. Please do let me know when you will be in town again. We were fortunate to have you.